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By-Laws Revamped Empty By-Laws Revamped

Post  Manakala on Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:06 am

By-Laws for Drifters

All the Officers have put our heads together to come up with the by-laws, or rules, for Drifters, and we feel they're fair to everyone. So, without further ado, here they are:

*************************** Drifter By-Laws ****************************

1) Respect others at all times! Even if you don't really like someone, be civil. - We have had some recent issues with this not happening and it WILL stop or else.

2) No begging! - By this we mean do not repeatedly ask the same thing, especially if you're needing an item/mat/herb.

3) No drama. We all have enough drama in real life and we come here to escape that for a little while. If you have a problem with someone please inform an officer and it will be brought to either Mana or Bo if they cannot handle it themselves.

4) Treat others as you want to be treated. ~ This doesn't seem to happen as often as it should.

5) No selling mats to guildies- if they're a Drifter it's free.

6) Keep the language clean to respect other guildies. The occasional swear word is fine, but constant usage is not. Same goes for vulgarity and use of words that could be considered religiously offensive

7) Some faction chat interaction (greeting people as they come on, congratulating, saying goodbye) is required. PLEASE be as active as possible!

8 ) Be helpful, even if it means stopping something to lend a hand to others (unless you're in a dungeon, of course). It's extremely unfair to the few who do that all the time when there are others who can help as well.

9) If you need help and ask for it, PLEASE BE PATIENT. Sometimes, like when in a dungeon or fighting a boss, the higher levels can't just stop what they're doing, so be patient and wait your turn.

10) FB's are guild runs- even the low levels can tag along to see what it's like, if there's room. That doesn't mean you can't form your own squad outside of guild if there's not enough high level help for it.

11) Members have to be here for two weeks, and be active, before they can get mats from the guild bank.

12) Bosses should be saved for the weekend when more people are available to help, unless you can get outside help. And yes there are people who are willing to help throughout the week so please ask for the help and be patient, but understand it might not get done until more people are on to help with it.

13) PK- we don't mind you going into PK mode, but DO NOT embarrass the guild by being rude or nasty to other PK-ers and absolutely NO bragging about the drops, especially in world chat.

14) Bo will back the decisions of the officers. If he feels they are in error he will discuss it with them in private. The same goes for Mana.

15) For all the higher levels: If someone asks for help, PLEASE HELP THEM as soon as possible. Do not ignore requests because you think you're too busy wrapped up in your own little world to do it. PLEASE respond to chat to inform them if you are unable to help at that time. I am aware that sometimes high levels are busy with their own things, but staying in dungeons all day long and ignoring requests for help isn't kosher. It doesn't happen often but it does happen.

16) We need to start trying to get higher level people to join us and stay, as some of us get higher we can't get quests done because we don't have the help. But please, try to get quality people

17) No spamming the faction chat. Take it to PMs!

18 ) Anyone who violates the by-laws will get three warnings. If, after this you continue to violate the rules of the guild, you will be booted from Drifters and it will be a permanent removal.

19) We expect ALL Drifters to be polite to anyone who is not a part of our family. We want other factions to have a good opinion of us and want them to know we're always willing to help others! If ANYONE is found being rude or disrespectful to others outside of our family they will receive a single warning from me, Manakala, and then I will personally remove them permanently if it happens again.

20) There have been recent issues of guildies being rude and nasty towards other guildies and this will STOP. If an officer is rude and nasty bring it to Mana or Bo to take care of. Any officer who does not follow the Drifter rules will lose their officer spot and will not get it back. Officers have to maintain a standard and rudeness is NOT part of that standard.

21) Last but certainly not least, remember we're a family, lets act like it! And no, We don't mean a dysfunctional one either LOL.

NOTE: Rules are subject to change if we feel the need to add something or change something. If that happens we will let everyone know.

********************* Guild Bank Guidelines ***************************

~ Donate, Donate, Donate! We can't say that enough. A lot of crafting mats become difficult to get once you're a higher level.

~ If you borrow any weapons or gear, please return it repaired and ready for the next person.

~ If you borrow something from the bank, take care of it, i it has empty sockets imbue with decent gems, and improve or refine it when possible.

~ If you make a mat/herb withdrawal please replenish it ASAP so everyone has a chance to do what they need to.

~ Everyone, even the lower levels, can help with mat collections!

~Farming levels:

Up to level 30: low level mats such as rough fur, concentrated glue, and purified oil and

Level 30-60: mid level mats and herbs

Level 60 and above: higher level mats and herbs

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