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Post  Wawa_pasc on Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:56 am

For some like me who put the safety lock wrong... especially for too much time x.x
here's the solution given from the ticket i sent on their site:

Action: A solution for your issue has been suggested.
If you have accidentally set the Safety Lock for too long, here are the steps to modify it:

1. Go to the Safety Lock panel.

2. Set the Safety Lock time to 1 minute.

3. Confirm the time change.

4. Wait 72 hours (3 full days). This will be EXACT to the MINUTE and SECOND you reset. Please wait the FULL 72 hours.

- You do NOT have to remain logged in, nor will logging in/out affect this wait time.

- If you do log in, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SAFETY LOCK. It will NOT show that you have reduced the time.There is no counter and no indication that time is reducing. Please consider writing down the exact time you reset the Safety Lock so you know you have waited 72 hours.

- If you do touch your Safety Lock again during this time, the 72 hour waiting period WILL reset to a full 72 hours.

- The Safety Lock CANNOT be deactivated before the set time has elapsed, nor are GMs able to turn it off for you.

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